Wednesday, January 13, 2010

34 things to do before turning 35

After many failed attempts at blogging, I am starting another one and hoping this time i can keep it up.

I am starting this with a list of things I want to do before my 35th birthday, inspired by this entry of hula seventy , a blog that i enjoy and who happens to have her birthday a few days before mine.

1. keep a blog .

2. write letters to friends.

3. use my super sampler.

4. eat more fruits and veggies.

5. take my vitamins (every day).

6. go to HK Disneyland.

7. do the lara croft thing at Angkor Wat.

8. ride the zip line at e.a.t. danao .

9. bring HT to boracay.

10. organize a viaje del sol - a heritage tour of southern cebu.

11. re-start my postcard collection.

12. take a carlo celdran tour of manila.

13. watch all the episodes of glee and get the soundtrack.

14. apply for a scholarship to an international seminar.

15. subscribe to Newsweek or Time.

16. start on that master's degree.

17. get published.

18. have regular gurl time.

19. host a theme party.

20. take mama to a spa day.

21. buy myself a digital camera.

22. redecorate the flat.

23. wear sun screen.

24. start using night cream.

25. find a good under eye cream and use it daily.

26. buy an umbrella and not lose it.

27. wear red lipstick.

28. organize photos into albums.

29. make a scrap book.

30. learn to make maja blanca.

31. cook paella.

32. write to someone I admire, (like kristie kenney!)

33. campaign for a candidate or party that i believe in.

34. vote.

Wish me luck.


nasvin said...

Num 26 --> done... Ayaw lang wagtanga. =)


Good luck sunshine!!! Funny blog, go for it!